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nanDECK is a software for Windows (any version) written as an aid for game inventors, with the aim of speeding up the process of designing and printing deck of cards (useful during prototyping and playtesting).

nanDECK can also be used on Linux (read this FAQ) or OSX (read this blog post) with WINE, download this version: nanDECK_W.

nanDECK is free, you can download it and use freely, without limitations (but a donation, of course, is really welcome).

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The .zip file contains the program, unzip and run it (no need to install it); this program can also be used from an USB flash drive.
If you have a question, write me an e-mail at .
There is also a Guild on BoardGameGeek.

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This is the reference manual for nanDECK

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This program connects itself to BoardGameGeek and can dowload data to create cards with many informations about your games.
The .zip file contains the program, an example script file and some printing templates, unzip and run it (no need to install); this program can also be used from an USB flash drive.
For this program I wrote this tutorial, to explain all the options I wrote this page.

nanDECK's features:

This program uses a script for the creation of the cards, and you can add text, images and some graphics (lines, rectangles and ellipses). Using nanDECK you can add or change graphic elements to a deck (or only some cards) with only some lines of text. The default size of the cards is 6 cm x 9 cm (9 cards for every sheet), but you can customize everything, (even creating chits for wargames). There are over 100 keywords, but for basic tasks you should know only few of them. As an example, this is a script for a deck of 18 cards that can be used for Werewolf:

cards = 18
border = rectangle
font = arial, 28, B, #0000FF
text = "1", "SEER", 0, 3, 6, 3, center
font = arial, 28, B, #FF0000
text = "2-4", "WEREWOLF", 0, 3, 6, 3, center
font = arial, 28, B, #000000
text = "5-18", "VILLAGER", 0, 3, 6, 3, center

This keyword sets the number of the cards in the deck.

This keyword draws a border around all cards.

font = arial, 28, B, #0000FF
font = arial, 28, B, #FF0000
font = arial, 28, B, #000000
These keywords set the font to be used for text, Arial size 28, bold and in three different colors.

text = "1", "SEER", 0, 3, 6, 3, center
This keyword writes on the 1st card the word "SEER", in the rectangle from coordinates (0,3), width 6 and height 3, with alignment "center". Note that all coordinates are in cm.

text = "2-4", "WEREWOLF", 0, 3, 6, 3, center
This keyword writes on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th card the word "WEREWOLF".

text = "5-18", "VILLAGER", 0, 3, 6, 3, center
This keyword writes on cards from 5 to 18 the word "VILLAGER".

A great strength of nanDECK (versus other graphic programs) is the capability to modify an already done deck with a few changes. So if you want to add an image to the top-right angle of every card in the Werewolf deck, you only have to add one line:

image = "1-18", "logo.gif", 0, 4, 2, 2, 0

Software features
Example scripts


06-01-2018 Version 1.24 - New QRCODE directive
- New SAVEPAGES directive
- New COMPARE directive
- New SET directive
- New BASERANGE directive
- New MOSAIC directive
- New LINKENCODE directive
- New HTMLKEY directive
- New LINKTRIM directive
- New ORIGIN directive
- New LINKSTYLES directive
- New COLORCHANGE directive
- New LAYERDRAW directive
- New JOINIF function
- New ENVIRONMENT function
- New FRAMEBEZIER function
- New FRAMEMOSAIC function
- New CASESTRING function
- New RANGEMUL function
- New TOKENIZESEQ function
- New LABELSUB function
- New parameters for cell size in HTMLMARGINS directive
- Added parameters in IMAGE for position an image
- Added parameters in IMAGE for stretch an image
- Added parameter in HTMLTEXT for default font
- Added parameter in DISPLAY for range
- Added parameters in LAYER to define a layer's name
- Added parameter in HTMLFONT for background color
- Added parameters in MARGINS directive for offset in even/odd pages
- Added parameter COMPARE in PRINT directive
- Added flag T for HTMLFONT directive
- Added flag £ for FRAMELIST function
- Added flags F/B for circular shift in combinatorics engine
- Added flag E for derangements in combinatorics engine
- Added flag in combinatorial engine for selecting only a subset of results
- Added flags in LINERECT for drawing the sides of the rectangle
- Added flag P in HEXGRID/FRAMEBOX/FRAMEHEX for zero-padded numbers
- Added flag in HTMLFONT for small caps formatting
- Added flags U/E/S/W in IMAGE for alignment of images with P/C flags
- Added flags L/R/E/I in HTMLIMAGE for floating images
- Added flags A/B in FILL directive to fill in area or boundary
- Added floating-point counters (from AA to JJ)
- Added HTMLFONT, HTMLIMAGE, HTMLMARGINS, and HTMLKEY to the visual editor
- Preview for images and labels
- Direct edit for values in linked file
- Added parameters in command-line to define labels
- Added noise pattern for backgrounds
- Runtime loading of new fonts (from the program's folder)
- Cycle build (in Sections' window)
- Cache for image files
01-25-2017 Version 1.23 New CANVASWORK directive
New DRAW directive
New FOLDER directive
New HTMLMARGINS directive
New LINKCOLOR directive
New LINKUNI directive
New STORE directive
New TABLE directive
New THREADS directive
New EXPAND function
New FRAMEBAR function
New REPLACE function
New TOKENIZE function
New parameter for rotation in LAYER directive
New parameters for position in TOKEN directive
New parameter for line spacing in HTMLMARGINS directive
New parameter for round text offset in TEXT directive
New parameter for round text orientation in TEXT directive
New flags N, R and C for HTMLFONT directive
New flags Z, D and G for FONT/TEXTFONT directives
New flags F, M, and L for HTMLTEXT directive
New flags Q and E for one / three quarter round text in FONT directive
Table styles th, tr and td in HTMLFONT directive
07-15-2016 Version 1.22 New SAVEGIFA directive
New TAG directive
New LAYER...ENDLAYER directives
New BLEED directive
New TEXTFONT directive
New RANGEREM function
New ROUND function
New parameter in HTMLFONT directive for indentation
New A and S flags in FRAMEHEX function
New flags in FILTER function
Compare decks feature
Select card feature in virtual table
Show tags in virtual table
01-01-2016 Version 1.21 New LOG directive
New LINKMULDIS directive
New CORRECTION directive
New SPECIAL directive
New EVAL function
Added O flag in FONT directive for hollow text
Added T/M/B flags in HTMLIMAGE directive for vertical alignment
Added B flag in HTMLTEXT directive for transparency
Added parameters in HTMLFONT directive for shadow/outline text
Added parameter in SAVE directive to read a transparency mask
Added parameters in FRAMETRANS function for resize
Added @ and # flags to LABELRANGE function
Added ^ and ~ flags to FILTER function
Added mask and for parameters to FILTER function
Added µ as a variable containing the current frame name
Added elliptical gradients (with @361 parameter)
Added square gradients (with @362 parameter)
Added star gradients (with @363 parameter)
Extraction of two coordinates from a frame (Pxx)
Extraction of three coordinates from a frame (Txx)
Extraction of three coordinates from a frame (Hxx)
Added support for ods and xlsm files in LINK directive
Error highlight in editor
New features in Virtual Table
New buttons for symbols § ° µ, copy script and copy script to BGG
New Auto-Layout feature (CTRL+F1 b/w - CTRL+F2 color - CTRL+F3 w/b)
07-31-2015 Version 1.20 New PAGEIMAGE directive
New DISPLAY directive
New LENGTH function
New TRANSLATE function
New FRAMEPATH function
New syntax for frames, to specify two points
New syntax for frames, to specify three points of a triangle
Added TIFF support in IMAGE, PATTERN and ICON/ICONS directives
Added R/H flag in FONT directive for reverse and half-circumference circular text
Added E flag in VECTOR directive for using Inkscape as external engine
Added P flag in FONT directive for not clipping texts at the rectangle shape
Added ! flag in FILTER function to calc character distance
Added editor option to highlight the current line
Added editor option to render directives until the current line
Added option for creating placeholder images when files are missing
Creation of linked spreadsheets when not present
Added elliptical gradients for colors (use @361 in the angle parameter)
Added square gradients for colors (use @362 in the angle parameter)
Added star gradients for colors (use @363 in the angle parameter)
04-05-2015 Version 1.19 New COLORS directive
Direct download from Internet for files in IMAGE directive
Added C flag in IMAGE directive for proportional crop of the image
Added V flag in FONT directive for vertical text
Added R flag in HTMLTEXT directive for vertical text
Added ç flag in random gradients for drawing stripes
Added I/O flags in permutation engine
Added option for realtime rendering of the current card
Added saturation/brightness in color picker
Added /name command line option for specifying names of saved cards
02-12-2015 Version 1.18 New BATCH directive
New FRAME/ENDFRAME directives
New LINKNEW directive
New DOWNLOAD directive
New GROUP function
Added Google sheets to LINK directive
Number of card read from LINK directive
Added expression evalutation in HTMLTEXT directive
08-27-2014 Version 1.17 New BEZIERS directive
New FRAMEPER function
Added frames in visual editor
Added zoom in visual editor
Added parameter in LINE/LINERECT/BEZIER/BEZIERS directives for drawing arrows
Added D flag in IMAGE directive for using DPI from file
Added F flag in FONT/FONTRANGE directives for adjusting font' size
Added S flag in permutation engine for removing elements with the same structure
Added parameter $ in FRAMELIST function for bidirectional order
Added parameter % in FILTER function for replace
Added parameter R in FRAMEBOX function for reversed numbering
Added options to PDF creation
Added option for converting PDF files to images
Added flags for aligning sub-frames
Fixed bug in DUPLEX directive
Fixed bug in IMAGE directive
Fixed bug in visual editor
04-15-2014 Version 1.16 New NANDECK directive
New RHOMBUS directive
New GRADIENTSEQ function
New RANGEADD function
New RANGESUB function
Added flag G in BUTTON directives for gradient effect
Added flag V in PATTERN/ICONS directive for vertical pattern
Added batch save for cards' images
Added PDF conversion to CMYK profile with Ghostscript
Added L for reading last color
Added default values in MACRO parameters
Fixed bug in DUPLEX directive
Fixed bug in OVERSAMPLE directive
Fixed bug in HTMLFILE/HTMLTEXT directives
Fixed bug in ZOOM directive
Fixed bug in gradients
Fixed bug in ranges
10-28-2013 Version 1.15 New VISUAL/ENDVISUAL directives
New LINKRANDOM directive
New VECTOR directive
New SAVEPDF directive
New BRUSH directive
New CONCAT1 function
Added parameter in RENDER directive for creating rendering ranges
Added flag R in IMAGE directive for not adjusting size of rotated images
Added shortcut CTRL+B for quick rendering of the current card
Fixed bug in SAVE directive
Fixed bug in IMAGE directive
Fixed bug in DIRFILES function
Fixed bug in sequences management

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